Kaiser Permanent's
Plant-Bsaed Diet 

A comprehensive brochure by a leading health organization.

Nutrition & Brain Function

Dr. Gupta informs us how to become heart-attack proof from lifestyle-related disease.

Health • Compassion • Environment

​Major Impacts of Food
in the 21st Century


Learn the phenomenal power of naturally-occurring nutrients in a wide range of plant- foods to boost brain power, affect mood, and prevent disease. PowerPoint presentation and interactive discussions. First, a quick review of nutrition basics, and how gut health affects our brain and mood. Then we’ll discuss the fascinating science of nutritional genomics, meaning how substances in foods can change our gene expression and the aging process. We’ll learn how nutrition affects physical activity and how physical activity affects brain function. We’ll conclude with some practical solutions for implementing brain power into our daily diet!​

Our food choices are among the most pervasive and intimate experiences of our lives, yet our food choices are never just personal. Find out about the far-reaching impacts of what we eat.

Health:Plant-sourced nutrition is the healthiest. 
Compassion: Turning sentient beings into commodities puts them into harm’s way.
Environment: Animal agriculture contributes to over half of all environmental destruction.
Wildlife: Animal agriculture is a leading cause of species extinction and habitat destruction. The oceans may be devoid of fish by 2048.
Food Security/Justice: Poor countries with starving children sell cheap grain to the West for livestock feed. More crops grown to feed animals than people.

Learn how to successfully live vegan, and "why" vegan. Creative, easy-to-read website with short video clips and every topic under the sun of living vegan.


Strength Care Wellness

Main Street Vegan
​by Victoria Moran, is a book which provides real-world advice for living vegan

African American Starter Guide. A comprehensive brochure ​by nutrition and lifestyle expert, Tracey McQuirter

Wildliie • Food Security/Justice

360 Degree Vegan.com

Plant-Based Nutrition Seminar
for Optimal Health

Drawing from current research and research extending back for decades, the evidence is clear: plant-based nutrition is healthiest, provides protective benefits from diseases, and helps us live with vitality.​​​

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Physician's Committee for
Responsible Medicine (PCRM).
Free online program with recipes and support from PCRM, a premier medical clinic in Washington, D.C. 

HOW NOT TO DIE: The Role of Diet
​in Preventing, Arresting, & Reversing
​Our Top 15 Killers. 
By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM  (1 hr., 22 min.)

A surprising, and at times humorous, investigative documentary that exposes the truth about the collusion between government and big business, costing us ​trillions of healthcare dollars and keeping us unwittingly sick. Streaming on Netflix, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.
​Also available atWhattheHealthfilm.com