Supporting Wellness

for Everyone!

An eye-opening film for everyone concerned
​about their health and the health of our nation.

A surprising, and at times humorous, investigative documentary that exposes the truth about the collusion between government and big business costing us trillions of healthcare dollars and keeping us unwittingly sick. Features nutrition experts, prominent physicians, and people of varied ethnic backgrounds. Skeptics welcome!

Streaming onNetflix, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. ​

​Also streaming on YouTube.

The Society for Public Health Education

is asking us to defend our right to adequate health care for all U.S. citizens.


Based in Baltimore, Maryland

Welcome to Strength Care Wellness

The concept of "Strength Care" was developed as a positive, gentle way to approach exercise and strength training, especially as we age. Professional services also include nutrition, with an emphasis on whole foods and nutrients that enhance brain function.


A healthy lifestyle maintains our ability to live a vibrant life, remain independent, and thrive, regardless of how many times we've traveled around the sun.

Wishing you the best in health and wellness!

Strength Care Wellness